We provide specialized advice in all issues of Intellectual Property for the protection and enhancement of your products and brands. Through the various practice areas, we assist you in the protection of your IP rights, in Italy and abroad, with a consolidated network of foreign correspondents.

We provide all the necessary assistance for the defense of exclusive rights on patents, designs, trademarks and copyright, assisting you it during every phase, from anteriority searches to technical and legal advice, from filing trademark or patent application to their renewal, from assistance in lawsuits against third parties to copyright protection.

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TrademarksTrademark is a sign used to distinguish own products/services from the ones of competitors and it represents the intangible assets of a Company, its values as a whole... read all
PatentsInventions are an important marketing tool for companies and their protection allows them to successfully place in the market and build their own business on strong basis... read all
Designs & ModelsDesigns and models refer to the ornamental or aesthetic features of a product, not to technical or functional ones. They add value to the product and make it more attractive to consumers, reinforcing the brand image of the company... read all
CopyrightCopyright originates at the time of creation of any composition having a minimum of creativity, as video, images, texts, advertising, websites or software. There are companies whose value is based mainly on copyright, as in the case of media & entertainment field.... read all
Legal AssistanceOur lawyers provide judicial and extrajudicial legal assistance in application of the existing national, European and international law, in any fields of Intellectual Property... read all